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We have developed an Outlook interface that allows you to forward appointments from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar directly to your Alert-Me account. This facility does not require any special software or administration on your computer, as it uses basic email functionality to pass the information to our servers.

You can do this from any computer as long as you can connect to your email, using the Outlook client or Webmail interface. We have developed this interface so that it can recognise new appointments, updates to existing, and canceled appointments. Set Priority to high for email and txt, or normal just for txt. Choose a Reminder time in Outlook and Alert-Me will recognise that and provide advance warning. If you don't set a reminder time, Alert-Me default will provide you with an Alert 30 minutes before the Appointment.

There are 3 different ways to forward an Appointment to AlertManager:
  • Forward as iCalendar
  • Forward
  • Include Alert-Me as Invite
To use either of the Forward methods, simply open your Outlook Calendar, and select the Appointment/s that you want to set Alerts on. If you are just setting one, you can double click to open it. To set Alerts on several, just single click each with the Cntrl key held down. Then under the Action Menu, select Forward or Forward as iCalendar and type your AlertManager email address in the To: box; or include your AlertManaager email address as an Attendee, and click Send. Note: The Forward as iCalendar is the better way, as it is simpler, faster and uses standard Calendar functionality, but either way will work.

If your appointment is updated or canceled and you have received the Outlook update, simply forward to your Alert-Me email address. If you are the originator, then Forward or Send Update to you AlertManager email in the same way.

Your AlertManager email address is your AlertManager Login followed by Eg Joe Bloggs' login is Joe-Bloggs so he will forward the appointment to If your login name has a space or special character such as @, then leave these out. Eg if Joe Bloggs' login is Joe Bloggs his AlertManager email address will be

To send Alerts that will arrive in your, or your clients Outlook Calendar, simply choose the appropriate Send Option when creating the Alert. This could be Txt and Cal or Email and Cal. Save the Alert in the normal way, and an appointment will be made in the recipients mailbox.
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