AlertManager Terms and Conditions


  1. AlertManager is a Web Based system, herein after referred to as the System. As such, there is considerable information at hand to ensure the successful operation of the System. Any person using this System, herein after referred to as the User, or any acquaintance, family member, associate or anyone he/she may come into contact, may not copy any part of this System. Any part includes any logic, algorithms, screen layouts, methodology, built in documents, graphics, information or documentation.
  2. The User shall not attempt to make any claim on Ctas or any of its Contractors or employees, herein referred to as the Supplier, or on any third party or supplier of information relating to this System for the loss of any goods, revenue, comfort, commitment or any loss that is deemed to be of substance, through the use of this System.
  3. The User agrees that he/she will not attempt to hack or misuse this System in any way.
  4. The User agrees not to access the System by any other means than through the access provided by Ctas on the web page, or if a business user, through the provided HTTP URL, as documented in the AlertManager Operational Manual.
  5. The User agrees to not provide his/her login and password to anyone else.
  6. The User agrees to provide correct and valid information, in particular, the Users own email address and mobile phone number.
  7. The User agrees to being responsible for any content that the User enters into the System.
  8. Where the User has applied for a paid Plan, or has requested to keep using the system after a free trial, then the user will pay in advance for those services. If required, the Supplier will send invoices to the User at the end of each month.
  9. Where the User has selected a Post Pay Plan, such as PayPerAlert, the User agrees to pay for SMS messages as invoiced by Ctas at the end of each Calendar Month.
  10. Where the User is a business with Controller Rights, the User agrees to only enter genuine customers details, when the Users Customer has agreed to receive Alerts on their Mobile phone or email, as appropriate.
  11. The User agrees to only use this System, in compliance and as documented, in one of the AlertPlans provided in the Users setup screen.
  12. Where the User does not pay their Subscription, and the account is more than one month overdue without reasonable explanation, then the Supplier may disconnect the User’s service to this System.
  13. If the User no longer requires the System, then they should contact the Supplier and advise them with 30 days notice. The User will be removed once certain criteria are verified.
  14. After a User has confirmed disconnection, then on request or if determined by the Supplier, all information stored by the User in the System will be removed by the Supplier. If the User requires this information then they should apply to have it supplied within 30 days of the cancellation. This may incur some additional costs.
  15. AlertManager is a 24x7 system, however faults or problems, although infrequent may still happen. The Supplier will not be accountable for any loss or damage that may be determined to be in relation to the operation of the System.
  16. The Supplier may from time to time, update these Terms and Conditions. They will be available on the Web Site.
  17. Some components of this System rely on other parties to provide the end delivery of service. The Supplier will do their best to ensure this happens in a timely manner, however, there will be no warranty of Service, and the User shall not hold Ctas accountable for any delays or failures.
  18. Ctas NZ Ltd services and products are supplied on an “as is, as available” basis and Ctas NZ Ltd specifically disclaims any warranty. Ctas NZ Ltd shall not be liable for any consequential, direct or indirect damages, and Ctas NZ Ltd shall not be responsible for any losses of income due to disruption of service beyond the fees paid to Ctas NZ Ltd for the period of any disruption.
  19. The User agrees that if the Supplier disables the Users account, that information stored in the System may not be made available. The action of holding of this information will not unreasonably be enforced.
  20. The User agrees that this service and this agreement do not provide ownership to any parts of the System, including any logic, algorithms, screen layouts, methodology, built in documents, graphics, information or documentation and Intellectual Property. The Supplier will continue to own all parts, until such time as the System is no longer required, or is sold to another company.
  21. The Supplier reserves the right, from time to time, to send txt messages or emails to the User in relation to the Users Plan or some aspect about the Users service that the Supplier considers the User might need to know. This right does not extend to spaming or any way that could be an annoyance to the User.
  22. While the Supplier manages the cost of sending SMS, there may be other fees the User may incur, such as, but not limited to, Internet access, ISP charges, cost of receiving email on Mobile. The User agrees to not seek any financial expenses or pass any costs on to the Supplier, other than those specifically agreed to in these Terms and Conditions.
  23. The System has some Events loaded that Users can select from. There is no guarantee that the event rounds are all at the correct time, as many occurances can influence different information or changes.
  24. This System has an automated cleanup routine, such that old Alerts that have been sent, and are over 60 days old, are removed from the system. The User acknowledges this.
  25. AlertPlan1 is a free plan with a limit of 20 Alerts / month on the proviso that the User maintains an average of 10 / month or less. If the user exceeds 10 / month, and there are no mitigating circumstances or prior advice, the the Supplier reserves the right to charge the User at the standard txt/SMS rate of 25c / SMS.


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